Local Lead Generation Services For Your Small Business

We Setup All Your Funnels At No Cost, PROVE That We Can Deliver Exclusive Sales Leads directly on your Phone

Any City, Most Service Related Niches, Local EXCLUSIVE Lead Generation DIRECT To Your Business


  • Our Mission - Deliver Ready To Transact LIVE Sales Leads directly to you - EXCLUSIVELY in your niche in your city.
  • Our Skills - Prove FIRST that we can deliver hot sales leads consistently and quickly to you direct.
  • Our Focus - We focus exclusively on ONE CLIENT per service niche per city to generate real results.
  • Your Customers - They enter our sales funnels, get warmed up and would either call or email you directly.
  • YOUR Results - You become the King Of The Hillin your niche in your city with those ready to transact sales leads.
  • YOUR Returns - You MAKE MORE MONEY in your niche in your city at a fraction of your current marketing budget.
  • YOUR Risk - If you don't want such our leads at those LOW RATES, decline our offer and we will part as professionals.
  • OUR Discretion - If you do not need us, we may SWITCH our funnels to a COMPETITOR in your niche in your city.



Genuine sales leads that are ready to convert are not easy and definitely not affordable for many small business owners. Tough competition in a market with too many choices makes it even more difficult to even convince a customer to listen to your message. Look at your monthly marketing budget and the return on investment - shocking? Or perhaps you don't have the funds to do all that high cost marketing and customers don't even know about your excellent services.

If you believe you are FANTASTIC at what you do, and want to generate more pre-sold local sales leads for your business, we have a SOLUTION that is completely risk free to you. We work with ONLY ONE business in your niche, in your city to set up our unique local lead generation funnels completely ON OUR DIME. This takes about 2 weeks to establish these sales funnels using our special technology, and cutting-edge lead generation strategies completely customized for your niche in your city and for your particular business. We do all the marketing to attract ready to transact sales leads to these funnels.

Enjoy the FREE sales leads that we send you as PROOF that our unique local lead generation service actually works. When you are happy with the results, you would want to retain us for a longer term, of course paying our fees for more leads. Why wouldn't you with real proof with real leads interested to do business with you? In the UNLIKELY EVENT you don't want such ready to convert leads any more, simply decline our offer and we part as professionals. You get to keep those free leads as our token of appreciation for the opportunity to serve you. We may choose to DIVERT these live sales leads to a competitor in your niche in your city. After all we did all the work to set up the high converting sales funnels on our dime to generate hot sales leads exclusively for your niche in your city. It is very likely that your COMPETITOR would find those sales leads very useful for their business.

We can generate sales leads for these local niches

Our Lead Generation services can serve small businesses in a wide variety of niches that are common in most cities. We focus on the quality of our work and not on the quantity. Our policy of offering EXCLUSIVITY to only ONE business in a niche in a city enables us to focus on making that one business massively successful in the local market. Our team puts a lot of effort in creating our magic and like all professionally managed businesses, we are looking to ensure that our efforts are well rewarded. This requires us to be selective about the local business we work with - our reputation to deliver the highest value is on the line.

Not every business owner has the right attitude to serve their customers with the highest value possible - such businesses are not in our sweet spot. Please scan the list of niches below and if you are in one of them, in all likelihood we can work together, especially your business is not getting enough new sales leads or you are finding it a challenge to convert those leads and retain them.

Pre-Warmed Exclusive LOCAL Sales Leads Delivered Directly To Your Business Phone - Risk Free

Simply complete the form below to let us know a little bit about your business. We will do our due diligence on your market and get back to you within 2 business days with our recommendations.

Our Core Services Portfolio

With growing competition in the market, with every business vying to claim their slice of attention of the discerning consumer, it is becoming extremely challenging and expensive for average small business owners to come to the forefront and share their message. Lead generation techniques that might have worked like a charm in the past have come to the point of becoming sterile.

At HotLeadsGenerator.com, we focus on the essentials for our clients, we know what works and what do not anymore. We are constantly rinsing, restructuring and renewing our lead generation techniques, in tune with the changing times. We stay away from overused and abused practices and focus on the effective essentials to drive ready to transact traffic for our clients, significantly reducing marketing costs and generating more opportunities for revenue. Our lead generation technologies and strategies will bring a steady flow of pre-warmed sales leads to your business - that's what we do best. All you have to do is convert those hot leads to customers - that's what you need to be the best at. Let's team up and create some magic for your business


Our local lead generation and direction services can deliver a steady flow of pre-warmed leads to your business EXCLUSIVELY for you in your niche and in your city, month after month.


Our Website architectures are a blend of consumer psychology and search engine technology. Our search engine optimized responsive websites appeal to the consumer's purchasing emotions.


Our Search Engine Optimization services are based on latest algorithm search engine updates and customized for your business, your niche, your market demographics and budget.


We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on learning, enhancing, applying, testing, refining marketing strategies that simply work for our lead generation consulting clients.

Let Us Assist You With Local Lead Generation

Reach out to us by phone or by completing the form below. Let us know a little about your business, your objectives and we will get to work for you. We will crunch the numbers, research the competition and get back to you with a lead generation implementation plan and execution - completely on us.

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