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What If you could increase your online LEAD to CLOSE ratio by AT LEAST 2100% with 1 SIMPLE 5 MINUTE TWEAK to your website? Lead generation has never been so effective and prompt. While the euphoria lasts, the experience is guaranteed to surprise and delight both you and your lead who just visited your site and submitted your online form.

2100% - how can we make that outrageous claim? Well, lets go to this url and see how they describe this phenomena. The odds of qualifying a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times. And from 5 minutes to 10 minutes the lead to qualify odds decrease 4 times. STAGGERING NUMBERS don't you think?

How long do you take on an average to call your leads back after they submit your forms? Your hot sales lead, who you worked so hard to get to your website and worked even harder to guide them to take the call to action, complete your form and submit, is actually waiting for you to call them back. When you don't call them back within 5 minutes, your chances of closing that lead drops alarmingly fast. How much of business are you losing out to the competition?

I am sure you have quote forms or contact forms on your website where a lead could fill in their information, expecting a call back from you. We can make a small tweak to any of those forms in 5 minutes that can get both you and your hot, emotionally charged up and ready to purchase lead on a phone conversation within seconds. Not minutes, not hours - in seconds.

A lot of businesses have dedicated staff to pay attention to online form submissions. What kind of attention span are you expecting from them? Would it not be more effective to have them do other activities instead of just staring at an email inbox for the form submission results? Moreover they could be assisting a lead who might have already submitted a form and hence unable to attend to another form submission at the same time. Delays in responding can mean a loss of business and essentially yielding to your competition.

Like a lot of areas in internet marketing and online sales, we also have the real expertise and technology to increase the effectiveness of your website by at least 2100 %. Imagine what a 2100 % increase in your lead to close ratio can do to your business. You have already done the right things to get a lead to your website and done even better to pre-warm their purchasing emotions and guide them to take the call to action to submit your form. Why allow all that effort to go to waste by delaying in your response time?

1 small tweak on your website forms that takes 5 minutes or less and you will be speaking to your lead live within seconds.

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