FAQ On Our Local Sales Leads Generation Services

We blend niche-specific consumer psychology, unique technology and sales leads generation strategies to get your business to a point where you are getting quite a large portion of the current real-time and live leads in your niche. These are consumers who are looking for services in your niche right now. Imagine a customer dialing a number and speaking to you directly about what you have to offer. That is as real-time and live a lead can get.

This is exactly what our lead generation system will do for your business. There is a lot of effort we have to put in to get you to this point where the larger portion of the active market in your niche is reaching out to you directly. This means we can make only one King or Queen Of The Hill in a given niche in a given city. Otherwise it would be a conflict of interest if we work with your competitor as well in your niche and in your city. That would not make sense at all, since EXCLUSIVITY can be given only to one. So we divert all our attention and efforts to make you on the top 3 or even #1 on the available list of businesses that customers would find and contact in your niche, in your city at any given time.

The EXCLUSIVE leads implies two things - (1) we will work with only one business in a given niche in a given city and (2) we will not farm the lead to any other business in that niche and city. When you become our client and for as long as you stay as our client, your exclusivity from a lead generation perspective in your niche and in your city is guaranteed.

Our mission is to transfer real-time live customers who have entered through one of our sales leads generation channels to you directly. They are looking for more information about your particular services with a high probability of becoming your customer. The only reason they would have taken that call to action is they have been pre-warmed with information about your business that they have obtained from our lead generation funnel. Now they either have more questions or they are ready to make a transaction. Once you are patched through to that customer by our automated system to your registered phone number, it is your responsibility to use your charm to close business with the customer. Any negotiations, transactions you make with the customer from that point is entirely up to you.

We guarantee that when the lead enters one of our funnels that we will set up for you, gets pre-warmed with the information about your business and takes the call to action, they will be directed immediately to your registered phone number. From that point you've got the ball to run with.

No catch at all. We send you the free sales leads to prove it to you that our lead generation service actually works and it not some stale list of names and phone numbers that other companies try to peddle to you. You know what I am talking about - both you and I have been burnt by these spammers. Once we prove it to you that what we are the real deal producing tangible results, it is only fair to expect are that you will make the pragmatic decision to become a paying client. That way you can continue to receive these live sales leads uninterrupted month after month and potentially picking up the larger share of the market from a lead generation perspective. So consider our free leads in the beginning as a proof of concept. Once we have proven ourselves to you, and you have seen the results, it should not take much convincing for you to retain us on a longer term. Our actions speak louder than out words and we want to prove it to you.

Being candid about free stuff - please bear in mind that these free leads are meant to prove to you that our services can add significant value to your business. How many free items would you offer to your customers before you would ask them to pay? You have a business to run and mouths to feed and you cannot continue to give away free stuff for ever - we are no different. The number of free leads would differ by niche and city, we will discuss this during our initial analysis of your objectives. Typically by the time you have 5 free leads, its time to have a conversation about a longer term relationship. If for some reason that we can't think of, you would rather relinquish your exclusivity to your competition and choose not to receive the leads any more, simply let us know and we will part as professionals. The leads that you would have received is yours to retain and nurture as a token of our goodwill to you.

Hopefully you can refer another business to our proven services whether you upgrade to become one of our paying clients or otherwise

Truth be told, we don't 'generate leads'. The leads are already out there looking for products and services in your niche - we just capture then through our lead specially designed capture funnels and guide them (or generate them for you) to your business. We know where to hang out with these potential customers and we can figure out what they are looking for. Following the principle of "Know-Like-Trust" we guide these customers through our lead generation funnels (or better still, lead capture funnels) to your business. How exactly we do this of course is confidential proprietary information that cannot be discussed in a public website. You simply focus on serving these leads we send your way and converting them into paying customers and let us concentrate of the geek-stuff to get them to your business. Make us part of your team and you will run your customer flow like a well oiled machine.

From your perspective, you will continue your business as normal, minus of course new leads from us. By the time leads start flowing to your business, we would have set up an entire infrastructure of lead generation and capture funnels in our niche and in your city to facilitate this flow of leads. This setup requires a lot of upfront investment on our part of time, energy, resources and money - all on our dime. We take all the risks upfront with the intent and objective to recoup our investment from a client who gladly rewards us by paying our service fees on the way forward.

We don't ask you to make any investment unless we prove tangible and verifiable results to you. If you choose to relinquish your claim to these leads even after we prove ourselves with those fresh live leads, in all likelihood, we will divert those real-time, live and ready-to-transact leads to another business in your niche in your city in an effort to find a paying client and hence recover our investment. There is a fair chance that once they see the results, they appreciate what we are doing for them. It is very likely that they would choose to retain us on a longer term so that we can continue to contribute to their growth in sales and revenue.

There is no one size that fits all, quite candidly, every business in a particular niche and city is different. We have to adopt different measures as appropriate to capture these leads from the market and divert them to our exclusive client. This means that our level of effort and investment required to create those lead generation and lead capture funnels and create that high volume exclusivity are also different. In highly competitive markets, the investment is larger and hence the rates we charge to our client would typically be higher than a market where competition is low. In a nutshell, our rates are dependent on the investment we make to establish the infrastructure on our dime.

It is best that you call us with details about your business or complete the form on this website to tell us about your business and your objectives. We have a "no-surprises" policy in our company and we believe in open and honest communication at all times with our clients. We will do our due diligence with your information, research the current dynamics of the market and come up with a quote customized for you - of course if we can create that exclusivity factor for you. The rates may be on a per-lead-delivered basis or a flat fee - depending on the situation. If the quoted rate is acceptable to you, we take it up from there and set everything up to start the flow of real-time live sales leads to your business. Once you start getting those leads and we prove ourselves, you would have results and also our rate quote to take your decision to continue with our services or decline further leads.

We feel your concern and we have the same as well - we have addressed it through our technology and the manner in which we set up our lead generation and capture funnels. The chances of a lead coming through the funnel and not being serious about asking for information about your services and potentially doing business with you are minimal. Even if you get a few tire-kickers and snoops come in with soem crank calls, not to worry. Our technology tracks their contact pattern and behavior to ensure that it only counts those leads who have a genuine interest in your products and/or services or want to do business with you right away. A valid accountable lead is one who has either actually transacted business with you, committed to a future transaction or asked for information that would enable them to make a choice whether to do business with you or not.

In modern day business, it is normal to get crank calls and sales pitches, our technology disregards them and filters only the valid and qualified leads for records. That way both you and we know the true effectiveness of our services.

We focus on niches in the local markets to support local small businesses. The niches we currently support are listed on our website. That does not mean we will not take on clients in other niches. It all depends on your business, your niche, the city (or cities) where you operate, the competition in your local market and your customer demographics. Businesses who are currently looking for more sales leads to grow their revenues are the most ideal to take advantage of our services. Our service fees turn out to be paltry compared to the revenues such businesses can generate from the high quality leads we send to them.

While we can definitely help our clients scale their business, it is very important for us as a company to know that we are partnering with a reputable business. Sending leads to a business with a poor reputation in the market or who don't treat their customers like royalty right from the first phone call, are not a good fit for us to work with. When a customer gets a bad experience, it hurts the business, hurts the customer and also hurts the lead generation and lead capture funnels that we set up. The customer may not come back again through our funnels if they have a poor experience. We cannot afford the risks of having disgruntled customers in our funnels.

To this regard, we exercise our discretion on clients we take on and partner with our services. If we find that a prospective business is not a good match for our criteria and that they are not willing to take positive action to remedy the issues, we will decline their request to use our services. We are all about creating the highest value for our clients and for the customers who have come through our "Know-Like-Trust" pre-warming process. If any one of these parties is not receiving this highest value, it is not worth doing business with them.

Pre-Warmed Exclusive LOCAL Sales Leads
Delivered Directly To Your Business - Risk Free

Simply call us right away or complete the form below to let us know a little bit about your business. We will do our due diligence on your market and get back to you within 2 business days with our recommendations.

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